Having difficulty unlocking the true potential of Tableau?

Struggling to find the answers your after? Or, simply have a question about Tableau, but don’t want a full day’s consultancy? With InterWorks Hotline, we’ll help get your questions answered through our “data on demand” service.

Your queries will go directly to one of our Tableau Certified Consultants, who are best placed to enable you to find the most effective solution to your query.

Any session booked will slot straight into our consultants calendar, ensuring you get help as soon as it is available or when it best suits you. Time can be booked in time slots as small as 15 minutes.

What kind of questions can we help you with?

  • If you know Tableau can produce it but your data isn’t in the right shape
  • If you need the report ready in a few hours and you’re not sure how to do it
  • If you’d like to improve the performance of your Tableau dashboard
  • If your dashboard looks OK but you want it to look brilliant

Wouldn’t it be great to simply call a Tableau expert, start a screen share session and, as you talk to the screen, the solution appears for you?

Well now you can – welcome to the Tableau Expert Hotline from InterWorks.

Some Of The Benefits

As little or as much time as you need

Bookings can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as 2 hours so rest assured that you’ll get the time and support you need.

Fine tuning your delivered solution

Solution Support is designed for those with an InterWorks delivered solution. Be it a minor amend to the design or something a little more involved you’ll be able to call on one of our team to help you.

1 to 1 Tutoring and problem solving

For those quick fire issues where you know something isn’t quite right in a visualisation or calculation but you can’t put your finger on it, or if you’d just like to ask a Tableau related question.

Keeping Tableau in check

Technical Support is for when Tableau just isn’t behaving itself. If you have a technical fault we’ll do our best to put it right for you. If it requires Tableau’s involvement then we’ll happily coordinate the support case, so you don’t have to, and strive for a quick resolution.


Live Calendar Bookings

We have a live Consultant availability and bookings portal.


Pay As You Go Rates

For sessions as short as 15 minutes, or as long as you need.


Skip the First Line

Go direct to contact experienced Tableau Software specialists.