What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

Business Intelligence (BI) is defined as the ability for your company to gather, store, access and analyse data and to transform this into actionable information allowing you to make informed decisions.

Why do I need BI?

BI can make your business more profitable. With better insight into business data and the ability to make fact-driven decisions, BI helps your business reduce costs and improve efficiency.

How can BI help to make my business more profitable?

By using BI it empowers people to make the correct fact-based decisions. BI increases productivity, reduces uncertainty and enables creative people to answer the questions they have faster.

I create my reports in MS Excel. Why do I need a BI tool?

Business Intelligence software lets you interactively work with your data. InterWorks are specialised in Tableau and we believe it is the most versatile BI tool in the market get the maximum potential out of your data. You can create rich visualisations with the easy to use drag and drop functionality. Tableau lets you visually analyse trends in your data and answer questions as fast as you can think of them.

How do I find out what data is important in my business?

If you have never used Business Intelligence before, the first stage is to determine what your objectives are, what metrics you should be focussing on, what really matters and what doesn’t.We can integrate your current data into a selection of views so we can see which elements to look at and which are insignificant. This will help you providing answers for your business to become more successful. This new data insight will lead to better questions and even better answers.

What is Tableau Software?

Tableau Software is the global leader in rapid-fire business intelligence software.It lets you graphically analyse virtually any structured data to produce beautiful charts, graphs, dashboards and reports within minutes.

What is a dashboard?

A dashboard is a visual presentation of data on a single page that shows the current status and historical trends to enable instant and fact-based decision making.

Can Tableau be used to display web data

Yes, even live web data can be visualised from your web database. Tableau also has the capacity to combine results of multiple data sources on a single display. Tableau calls this ‘data blending’.

What is the lead time from idea to implementation?

It can be as fast as 1 day. Our expertise with working with Tableau can assure you we can have you up and running with Tableau and creating visualisations and sharing with other users within a day. Dependant on the complexity of the data and your requirements for developments or training the lead time can vary from a day to 1 month to implement your solution.

Is there any other visualisation software out there?

Yes, there are plenty, but some are better than others and we think Tableau is by far the most versatile, easy to use and it uses visualisation best practises.

Can Tableau work with multiple data sources?

Yes, Tableau also has the capacity to connect live to multiple databases and to combine the results of the multiple sources on a single visualisation. Tableau calls this ‘data blending’.

Can I create calculations in Tableau?

One of the great features of Tableau is the ability to create calculations within Tableau based on your data elements. You can create the calculations with an easy to use point and click interface. Some calculations come already predefined in Tableau to help you on your way, but as a user you have the freedom to create and customise all different types of calculations and reflect them straightaway on your visualisations without the need to make changes to your data source.

What is Tableau Server?

Tableau Server is a browser based tool that can be used to share results that have been created in Tableau Desktop. Users have access to business data on the go and can analyse and share results online via the browser and on iPad and Android apps whenever they want and wherever they are. Dashboards that are published via Tableau Server are automatically touch-enabled.

Do I need training before I can use Tableau?

Tableau is very easy to use and with its intuitive interface you can start connecting data and creating visualisations from the start. InterWorks do offer training courses to rapidly enhance your skills and usage of visualisation best practises. We offer public training at our premises and we provide training on-site if you have specific requirements.
Read more about ‘Training’ (link) and how InterWorks can help you.

I need insight into our data as soon as possible. How can InterWorks help me with that?

Yes, our talented business intelligence consultants can ensure that you can be up and running as soon as possible with the BI solution that suits your needs. We can create data connections and high performance data visualisations and we provide training that allows you to interact with your data from the start.