Rosetta Stone


Rosetta Stone is responsible for creating the world’s leading computer-based language learning software. With over 30 different languages for users to learn, they have innovated the way in which we learn to communicate.


Given that they’re constantly searching for new ways to improve the language learning process, Rosetta looked to Tableau to help them gain insight and capitalize on their data. But first, they needed help restructuring their data infrastructure. On top of that, they needed quality Tableau training on a grand scale to support their ambitious analytic-driven goals.


Rosetta Stone sought one partner that could help them with all of their data infrastructure and Tableau training needs. Given their record of success, they chose InterWorks to be that partner. InterWorks started with Rosetta’s foundation, revamping and optimizing their data environment for Tableau Server. From there, they assisted Rosetta in creating high-level views as well as targeted data sets.

After constructing an optimal environment and streamlining various processes, InterWorks shifted their focus to the task of Tableau training. Group training was held across Rosetta’s FP&A, Sales and Marketing teams. InterWorks reinforced those group sessions with one-on-one training for anyone who desired it. This combination of training ensured Rosetta was proficient in Tableau and ETL best practices on both organizational and individual levels.


With their new Tableau-centric environment in place, Rosetta was able to speed up the reporting process, eliminate workload redundancy and get everyone on the same page. With report creation shifted completely from OBIEE to Tableau, as well help from data structures created by InterWorks, analysts can now instantly create detailed reports with ease. A sustainable Tableau Server environment from InterWorks also allows those analysts to answer any new questions about their data as they arise. Tying everything together was top Tableau training, giving Rosetta the knowledge they needed to make the most of their new environment. Taking a page from Rosetta’s unique approach to learning, InterWorks pulled out all the stops to teach the masters of language how to speak data.

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