Adding Images to Projects on Tableau Server

Here’s a feature that’s been unofficially around for a while on Tableau Server, but is now supported on Tableau Server 10. We’ve all got Tableau Servers that look like this. Lots of projects which we have access to, and all pretty boring looking.   Wouldn’t you prefer that it looked like this instead?   Now you can. […]

Tableau 10 – Community Features While Supporting The Enterprise

Tableau 10 is coming. The U.S. roadshow is already having quite some buzz. The European Roadshow is about to kick-off. What is new in Tableau 10? The list of new features is long. The community excited … so it seems. But were the wishes of the community heard? Tableau 10 Is Coming We are all […]

Double Colouring in Tableau

A few days ago, one of our clients contacted our hotline because he was struggling with double colouring when building a treemap. It’s true that it can be a bit tricky to get Tableau to do exactly what you want with double colouring, especially when we talk about treemaps. To know about the basics of […]

What’s New in Tableau Server 10

With the imminent arrival of Tableau 10, I thought that it’s time to take a quick look at all the new features and functionality that will be made available with Tableau Server 10. Minimum Requirements Firstly, let’s look at the minimum requirements. There is no longer a 32-bit version of Server or Worker Server, so the […]

Tableau Conference On Tour – Next Stop: Munich!

Is there a better way to share your passion for Tableau, learn new things by the hour and touch base with the community than visiting a Tableau Conference? I will let you be the judge of that, but after an amazing conference in London we sure are getting excited and ready for the Tableau Conference […]

Tableau Server on Google Compute Engine

Tableau in the Cloud Tableau and Google already form a potent mix, as Tableau supports a number of Google’s data sources with native connectors, such as Google BigQuery, Google Analytics and Google Cloud SQL. But as of last month, Tableau Server is certified for use on Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud‘s computing product. With this […]

Plan Your Sessions at the 2016 London Tableau Conference On Tour

It’s here! The Tableau Conference rolls round to London, packed full of amazing keynotes and enlightening sessions from both customers and Tableau themselves. To help you make the most of your time at the London conference Fabian Zimmer has put together this beautiful interactive guide to the event. (click the image to see the dashboard in […]